A Statement Regarding the U.S. Pulling Out of Paris Climate Agreement

A Statement Regarding the U.S. Pulling Out of Paris Climate Agreement
A statement from Emerger Strategies President, Rick Crawford, regarding the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement:

While I am disappointed that the United States is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I have never been one to fret too long.  Life isn’t fair, but I always make the best out of the hand I have been dealt.  There is only one thing to do…resolve to use your business as a vehicle to affect positive change.

I believe that the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement will have unintended and positive results that the current administration isn’t prepared for. In fact, I believe that there is much cause for hope as this will bring our great country together to work towards a future we believe in.  The clean energy sector growth cannot be ignored, and I also believe that there are already too many business leaders who are seeing the positive business benefits of adopting a sustainable business model to revert back to a 20th century business model of take, make, waste. 
So, I am calling on all business leaders who would like to minimize their impact on climate change and and act on climate by implementing a strategic sustainability plan to please contact me immediately and let’s ACTUALLY start making America great again!

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