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The Value of Product Transparency: Food, Clothing & Shelter

The Value of Product Transparency:  Food, Clothing & Shelter

By: Rick Crawford

This is a revised article that was originally published in EDC Magazine in February 2014.

Product transparency is certainly a building product manufacturer industry buzzword and is also a component of LEED v4 and the Living Building Challenge; however, obtaining product declarations and documents such as: environmental product declarations (EPDs), health product declarations (HPDs), life cycle assessments (LCAs), and Declare Labels.  However, product transparency isn’t just happening with building materials, it is happening with all goods that help meet our most basic human needs:  food, clothing and shelter, and for good reason.  There are several business benefits of product transparency, including: brand loyalty, competitive advantage and increased profitability, but before I review the value of transparency I would like to discuss why product transparency is needed and how we got here.