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Purpose-Driven Brands Do Well by Doing Good at IFTD

Purpose-Driven Brands Do Well by Doing Good at IFTD

Rick Crawford

I attended IFTD in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and there were tons of new products and gear.  If you are an angler with a gear obsession, like me, it is heaven!  Anyways, after wiping the drool off my face, I started reflecting on everything I saw.  I couldn’t help but notice that many of the winners of the “New Product Showcase” awards were purpose-driven brands, and beyond that, there were companies who were proudly displaying the nonprofits they supported in their booths with clear calls to action.  This was particularly interesting to me because Emerger Strategies mission is to build purpose-driven brands that inspire solutions to social and environmental problems (if you are wondering “what’s a purpose-driven brand?” Click HERE).


Emerger Strategies: Why are We in Business?

Emerger Strategies:  Why are We in Business?

After doing some research on the fly-fishing industry I observed a trend that many of the more well-known brands donate money and time to conservation groups, but aren’t necessarily doing anything to alter their own behavior to minimize risks associated with climate change and population increase.  How could an industry that is so dependent on a healthy environment not understand that its own operation is contributing to climate change?  To quote David Brower, “there is no business to be done on a dead planet.”


Want to Change the World?

Want to Change the World?
Solar install for Teton County, WY. Rick Crawford helped install this project in Summer of 2010.

As I sit here writing this blog, the climate that affects us all is changing.  Some of these changes are irreversible.  However, some of the changes happening to our climate are reversible, and we can make an impact by acting now.  It is a choice, but I believe most people are good, and given the opportunity, will choose to help others when they can.  So, why should we act now?  It’s really as simple as The Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


For the Love of Trout: Protect Our Public Lands


By: Rick Crawford

Personally, I can’t imagine who I would be, or what my life would be like without fly fishing.  What would my life be like if I had never had the opportunity to walk along a river, search for rising trout and match a hatch?  What if I didn’t understand entomology, river currents and trout behavior?  Would I understand the interconnectivity of snowpack to cold rivers and their impact on trout?  Could I have appreciated that, like an aquatic insect whose sole purpose is to emerge, reproduce and fall back to the river that gave it life in the first place; we too are intertwined and have a responsibility to ensure that future generations are able to have similar experiences, and as a result want to give back to the places and communities that helped to shape them.


Doing Well by Doing Good



By: Rick Crawford

I recently read an article on LinkedIn titled Brands Be Good, Do Good written by Ann Bahr Thompson, who is a Brand Citizenship® Pioneer.  I had never heard the term “Brand Citizenship” before, but it makes a lot of sense.  Brand Citizenship “is the strategic alignment of marketing, reputation management, corporate social responsibility, human resources, finance and social media community building efforts.” (Thompson, 2014).  Because the world is now interconnected via the internet and social media, consumers can easily find information on a brand, and make decisions of whether or not to support that brand by voting with their dollars.


Introducing: Emerger Strategies

Introducing: Emerger Strategies
Image Credit: Delaware River Guide

We love bent rods and tight lines.  We even love fishless days because fly fishing enables us to appreciate our natural surroundings in a profound way.

Waking up on a chilly Wyoming morning in September with the remnants of last night’s campfire and fresh coffee brewing in the percolator.  Attempting to manage your expectations as you leave your chickee in Everglades National Park because you know that today could be the best day of fishing you’ve ever had.  Or the sight of Egrets snacking on tasty morsels and fiddler crabs hurriedly scattering as you enter a flat waiting on the flood tide to deliver tailing Redfish to you.