There are many challenges that the environment faces today.  Many of these problems can be solved, but they require demanding action from elected officials.  We believe that without citizens demanding action on environmental crises, the powers that may be will have no reason to change their current course.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

In an effort to make it easy for our followers to take action, we have compiled this list of organizations and causes who are also making it easy for you to contact your local officials regarding a variety of issues impacting the environment.  Don’t forget to sign the petition, spread the word on social media, and if you have the means to do so, please support these organizations:

Conservation Hawks Climate Petition: “Steelhead and salmon need cold, clean water to survive. Unfortunately, our fossil fuel emissions are changing our climate and making our oceans warmer and more acidic. We have an obligation to protect our vital steelhead and salmon fisheries from climate change and ocean acidification. As anglers, we ask Congress to pass legislation that promotes clean energy, eliminates fossil fuel subsidies, and dramatically reduces America’s CO2 emissions.”  SIGN THE PETITION

Now or Neverglades Declaration: “We support the 200-plus Everglades scientists who believe that increased storage, treatment and conveyance of water south of Lake Okeechobee is essential to stop the damaging discharges to the coastal estuaries; to restore the flow of clean, fresh water to Everglades National Park, Florida Bay and the Florida Keys; to improve the health of Lake Okeechobee; and to protect the drinking water for 8 million Floridians living in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.”  SIGN THE PETITION


Protect Our Public Lands: “Our public lands – millions of acres of forests, mountains, rivers, and plains – are a part of who we are. Right now, a group of powerful special interests are waging an aggressive campaign to sell off public lands in the west. They want to see our national lands privatized for short-term gain, at the expense of our shared American inheritance. This public land heist threatens hundreds of millions of acres of national forests, rangelands, wildlife refuges, parks, wilderness areas, and historic sites, but it also threatens the fundamental American notion that our public lands belong to everyone.”  SIGN THE PETITION