Flood Tide Company: Why We Joined 1% for the Planet

Flood Tide Company:  Why We Joined 1% for the Planet

Flood Tide Company is a fly fishing lifestyle apparel brand based in Charleston, SC and much of their apparel is inspired by the sporting art of Paul Puckett.  In addition to original designs and great quality, Flood Tide Company is also minimizing the environmental impact of their operations, and enhancing the local fishery and waterways in the lowcountry by donating 1% of their sales to Charleston Waterkeeper.  Flood Tide Company joined 1% for the Planet in early 2017 and have chosen Charleston Waterkeeper as their nonprofit partner.

But Flood Tide Co. isn’t just your ordinary brand.  Their co-founders, Will Abbott and Paul Puckett, are also fly fishing nuts who love the lowcountry and its abundant redfish, which is why they named their company “Flood Tide Co.” Here in the Charleston area we have an average tidal swing of about five feet, meaning that low tide is at zero feet and high tide is at five feet.  However, during full moon’s and new moon’s the gravitational pull causes the tides get up to 6 feet or more.  As a result, the tide floods the marshes and that’s when the redfish invade the spartina grass flats to escape their predators and to feast on the abundant fiddler crabs that inhabit the marsh.

Flood Tide Co. is fully aware that their business depends on a healthy fishery and a healthy and environment, which is why they became 1% for the Planet members and are donating to the Charleston Waterkeeper.

Charleston Waterkeeper is protecting the public’s right to clean water and its “mission is to protect, promote, and restore the quality of Charleston’s waterways while ensuring the public’s right to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.”  They do everything from conducting weekly water quality testing at sites around Charleston, to hosting educational events and monthly clean-ups to prevent plastic pollution from entering our waterways.

1% for the Planet is a 501c3 nonprofit that “brings dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.”  1% for the Planet member businesses give at least 1% of their annual sales directly to approved environmental nonprofits. 1% for the Planet guides and supports this giving and provides credible third party certification.

As the holiday’s are coming up and you are looking for a gift for that special someone, and want to support a company that is doing its part to protect the environment and the fisheries of the lowcountry, then look no further!  As an angler, I am always on the lookout for great looking and functional gear, but more importantly, I want to know that I am endorsing a brand that aligns with my own values.  I know that things like plastic pollution are a real threat to our fisheries, so I feel good knowing that when I buy Flood Tide Co. gear that I am also supporting Charleston Waterkeeper who is working to keep our waterways “swimmable, drinkable and fishable!”

So go ahead and do some good, clean livin’ and show your support for a brand that is making a positive impact.  Flood Tide Co. have just released their Fall collection, which can be found HERE.  Our personal favorite hat is the Copahee Cord Hat, which is perfect for oyster roasts and fall fishing, and seen on the above! We hope you enjoy the video Why We Joined 1% for the Planet video shot here in Charleston, SC:

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