Introducing: Emerger Strategies

Introducing: Emerger Strategies

We love bent rods and tight lines.  We even love fishless days because fly fishing enables us to appreciate our natural surroundings in a profound way.

Waking up on a chilly Wyoming morning in September with the remnants of last night’s campfire and fresh coffee brewing in the percolator.  Attempting to manage your expectations as you leave your chickee in Everglades National Park because you know that today could be the best day of fishing you’ve ever had.  Or the sight of Egrets snacking on tasty morsels and fiddler crabs hurriedly scattering as you enter a flat waiting on the flood tide to deliver tailing Redfish to you.

Fishing brings joy and a sense of gratitude to our lives in a way that few other sports come remotely close to comparing.  This joy and gratitude is exactly why it is important to understand the consequences of our actions.  We have a great responsibility to pass on our sporting traditions and values to the next generation so that they learn to respect and appreciate what nature has given them, because it is a gift.  Just as important however, is to share the pure joy of fishing so that future generations will share in our sense of responsibility.

Emerger Strategies was born out of our love for fly fishing and wild places.  Because of our love for fly fishing, we want to protect our natural resources and fisheries so that they continue to provide joy, sustenance and hope, in perpetuity.

The science on Climate Change is very clear, and the time to act is now.  Climate Change is adversely affecting fisheries through ocean acidification, sea level rise and higher water temperatures in rivers, streams and lakes, among others.  The good news is that we have a choice in deciding the types of fisheries and wild places we want to leave future generations.

Emerger Strategies assists its clients in making better business decisions by enhancing their brand value, minimizing their environmental impact and increasing their profitability.

That all sounds great, but… What’s an Emerger?

For those of you not familiar with entomology, aquatic insects experience a transformation during their lifespan from a nymph living under rocks on a river bed; rising up the water column to the surface(this is called an “emerger“); hatching out of its skin and sprouting wings on the water’s surface; flying and reproducing; and then dying and falling back into the river (this is called the spinner fall).  Below is an example:

Entomology, Sustainability, Fly Fishing

The Mayfly lifecycle is a perfect metaphor for the transition that companies are making implementing the sustainability and brand strategies we provide.  Emerger Strategies guides our clients along their evolution from nymph to Mayfly, but also the spinner fall so that they give back to the river, and communities, that gave them life in the first place.

Our Purpose

Our Vision Statement: To transform industries so that they do more good than harm.  

Our Mission Statement To build purpose-driven brands that inspires solutions to social and environmental problems.  We provide lifestyle brands, manufacturers and retailers with sustainability and marketing strategies that mitigate risks, enhance brand value and increase profitability.


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