“Simply Sustainable” Holiday Tips

“Simply Sustainable” Holiday Tips

Rick Crawford

When I was living in Jackson Hole, WY back in 2010, I started a radio show called “Simply Sustainable” which was a 5-minute guide to living simpler, more sustainable lives on the local community radio station, 89.1 KHOL.   For my very first show, I did a “Holiday Tips” show about how to minimize your environmental impact during the holidays, which is actually still relevant, and can be found here:

It’s pretty funny to listen to my awkward self on my first radio show, but also encouraging to know that I have not lost my passion for sustainability and I am very grateful for that.

I was first introduced to sustainability reading “Let My People Go Surfing” by Yvon Chouinard and “Getting Green Done” by Auden Schendler.  These books were really inspiring and motivated me to start considering a career in sustainability as I was working in retail at the time.  I was living in Steamboat Springs, CO and decided to see what kind of jobs were available in the sustainability field and got a job as an intern for a local solar company installing solar panels.  I then decided to go back to school and earn an MBA in Sustainable Business and move to Jackson Hole, WY where I installed solar panels for Creative Energies as an intern and got involved in the community everything from being a part of the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project to hosting my own radio show, “Simply Sustainable”, as well as co-hosting a radio show called “Lights Off!” with some other sustainability-minded people in the community (Brian Tanabe , Steve Michel and Peter Keenan).  I even spent a summer working as an Aquatic Invasive Species Technician for the Wyoming Game & Fish Department inspecting boats for Zebra mussels, which in hindsight was the beginning of beginning to think about how we are impacting our fisheries.  Those were some really wonderful times discovering my passion for sustainability, fly fishing and living the dream in Jackson Hole.  I will always remember where I cut my teeth regarding sustainability, so thank you to everyone who helped me along the way!

In the studio at 89.1 KHOL in Jackson, WY recording “Lights Off!”

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this throwback and wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and remember, “keep it simple and keep it sustainable!”

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