Who We Are: Emerger Strategies

My name is Rick Crawford and I am the founder and President of Emerger Strategies.  I have spent the last seven years working in the field of sustainability in a variety of industries including: solar, bio-diesel, green building and sustainability consulting.

The majority of this time was spent in the commercial building product sector working with manufacturers on how  to effectively market their sustainability stories and sustainable product attributes to build better brands.  I have worked with start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises  in developing strategic sustainability plans, as well as product transparency guidance that resulted in reduced risks, enhanced brand value and increased profitability.

I can think of no better way to spend my time than to help others find ways to mitigate their impact on climate change.  Selfishly, I want to protect the environment and the fish that live within it, so that I can continue to fly fish for many years to come.  I also feel a deep sense of responsibility to future generations so that they too have the same opportunities to explore wild and beautiful places, catch unique species and develop their own sense of responsibility for conserving resources for the next generation.

I look forward to helping your business build a purpose-driven brand that inspires solutions to social and environmental problems.


Rick Crawford
Emerger Strategies