Why We Joined 1% for the Planet

Why We Joined 1% for the Planet

We are thrilled to announce that we are officially members of 1% for the Planet!  That said, some of you may be asking, “why would you donate one percent of your total sales each year to 1% for the Planet approved nonprofits that are working to solve a variety of environmental problems?”

First, we feel that it is the right thing to do.  When we shop for goods and services, we look for things like: 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade and organic because it means that brand cares enough to let other conscientious consumers know they are operating their businesses responsibly.  As consumers, we choose to reward brands that align with our own values by purchasing their products over their competitors that have not demonstrated a commitment to solving social and environmental problems.  We also remain loyal to responsible brands because we know we can trust them.

Secondly, it is our mission to build purpose-driven brands that inspire solutions to social and environmental problems.  We couldn’t ask our clients to do something that we weren’t doing already.  That wouldn’t be authentic.  So, by giving 1 percent of our sales to  back to environmental organizations, we are using our business as a vehicle to affect positive change. We too are a purpose-driven brand and Emerger Strategies is working to solve environmental problems by giving back to 1% for the Planet Recipients, and by providing our clients with sustainability and marketing strategies that mitigate risks, enhance brand value and increase profitability.

Emerger Strategies is bringing sustainability to the fly-fishing industry because we want to protect what we love. We love to spend time in the outdoors camping, fishing and nourishing our soul in a way that only nature can provide.  Yes, it’s selfish, but Emerger Strategies is in business because we see pollution, population, policy and climate change as the greatest threats to fisheries across the globe.  Pollution, such as plastics, is already impacting fisheries by being consumed by fish all over the planet at unprecedented rates.  With a global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, demand will likely surpass nature’s ability to reproduce unless conservation measures are put into place today.  There are too many ways to list how policy can impact fisheries, but here are a couple of examples: the public lands heist and the damaging discharges to coastal estuaries in Florida.  Climate change is already causing less snow pack, warmer water temperatures and ocean acidification, all of which negatively impacts fisheries.  Emerger Strategies is helping its clients to minimize their impact on the environment and use their businesses as tools to affect positive change also.

Finally, we believe that consumers hold the power to demanding a future that is actually sustainable.  By demanding products and services from businesses that are solving social and environmental problems, consumers set trends that can’t be ignored.  For example, consider the rise of organic produce over the last fifteen years.  It used to be that you could only find organic produce at Whole Foods, but now, every major grocery store chain carries organic produce to meet the demand because the market has responded to what consumers demanded.  While we disagree with mindless consumption, we do agree that if you are going to buy something you actually need, look for the 1% for the Planet logo on its packaging or website before purchasing.

Emerger Strategies is very proud to be a 1% for the Planet Member and stand alongside other 1% for the Planet Members, such as: Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing Company, Blue Ribbon Fly Shop and many others!  To learn more about 1% for the Planet, check out this great video:


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