Why We Signed the ‘Now Or Neverglades’ Petition

Why We Signed the ‘Now Or Neverglades’ Petition


If you have ever been to Everglades National Park, then you know that it is truly one of the most unique places on Earth.  It is hauntingly beautiful, an angler’s paradise and certainly worth protecting.

Our friend, Mac Stone, is a photographer and some of his photography is featured on our website and social media.  He also happens to be a Floridian, and has spent a lot of time photographing Everglades National Park.  Mac uses his photography to highlight the beauty of the Everglades and promote conservation.  I think Mac does a better job of explaining why we wanted to sign the Now Or Neverglades Petition than we could ourselves when he says:

“They say that the Everglades is our greatest test. If we pass it, we get to keep the planet. I love that quote, because it’s a challenge, it’s a prod. Can we do it? Will we do it? We have to, we must. But the Everglades is not just a test. It’s also a gift, and ultimately, our responsibility.”

Please enjoy Mac Stone’s Ted Talk, follow Mac Stone Photo on social media, and sign the Now or Neverglades Petition on either www.gladesdeclaration.org or http://www.emergerstrategies.com/environmental-activism/.  Thanks you!


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